Case Studies


Springpack were approached by a national distribution centre with 20 high-volume packing lines, each with a packing tape operator manually sealing boxes at the end of the process.

The boxes handled covered a wide range of sizes, requiring a manual process to complete. The time taken to seal each box was therefore extremely critical to the whole packing operation.

The packing lines were at that time using standard length tape; 66m rolls fitted on a core size of 75mm. Each operator would be required to replace the roll of tape on the dispenser every 39 boxes on average.

In practice, this meant a roll change every 16 minutes. That’s a lot of downtime in such a busy environment, where every second counts. Fortunately, Springpack had the solution – e-tape.

The innovative range of e-tape packaging products are designed with high-volume users in mind. Efficiency is critical to every size of business, but when the volumes are high it provides a stark demonstration of the effectiveness of the product.

Cleverly, the e-tape product has the same external diameter but a smaller (50mm) core so that a 150m roll length is possible. (Nearly 2½ times as much tape on every reel!)

Bottom line; this has saved our client’s packing line 45,000 roll changes in 12 months.

Breaking this down to daily usage, the tape operator in a typical working day only needs to change the roll 9 times (rather than 20 times) per day, meaning that each operator can pack at least 10 more boxes per day on average.

Springpack provide dispensers fitted with a unique silencer bar to suit the 50mm core size which keeps noise levels acceptable when applying the high-tack tape.

In addition to the productivity benefits, users of e-tape from Springpack also benefit from reduced waste and reduced storage/transportation space compared to users of normal-length rolls. It’s a triple win!