Case Studies


High value. Fragile. Delicate.

Sending out electronic goods such as laptops, hard drives, network boxes and servers, the consequences of insufficient packaging don’t bear thinking about.

This is exactly the reason Springpack were approached by this major electronics reseller – an unacceptable proportion of their goods were arriving at their destination damaged beyond repair.

This in turn damaged customer relations and led to profit margins being eroded by the cost to replace items damaged in transit.

Quick off the mark, Springpack implemented a custom suspension system to immediately solve this customer’s problem.

Their products are now dispatched sandwiched between two layers of suspended flexible film. This tightly grips the product to reduce movement while also providing a void surrounding the product to prevent breakage in the event of the box being dropped, or falling from a conveyor belt while in transit.

The product packaging now consists of just two inserts per pack, meaning that the concept is simple, quick and easy. The product presentation is very impressive, and unpacking the product only produces two inserts to dispose of, rather than a pile of messy void fill.

Another tidy Springpack solution!