Case Studies


One of the major UK-based pallet networks were using a standard pallet stretch film up until 2013 when Springpack helped them implement the use of a superior product. 

In this case, switching to a high performance stretch film produced a landmark saving of over 20% on one of the fastest moving consumables in the ultra-competitive transport industry.

The product is a blended film which contains a high performance additive known as Hexane. This gives the film superior strength, making it more elastic – it will stretch considerably further than a standard blend.

In practice this means that the thickness of the film can be reduced with no consequent loss of performance. In addition to the obvious cost benefits, packaging waste is reduced and the operators use with confidence, knowing that “snapping” incidents will occur far less frequently. Less down-time means greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The tough challenges faced every day by operators in the logistics industry mean that sacrificing quality is not an option. Springpack delivers a unique solution that perfectly fits the need – reducing cost while delivering increased performance – giving both the financial department and the operations department something to smile about! Another satisfied customer.